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Students (okay, so it’s mostly parents) are sometimes a little apprehensive about online tutorials, wondering how it can be as effective as meeting face to face.  Yet everyone that I’ve tutored agrees that it’s actually better!  For a start there’s no waiting around since there’s no travelling involved, I’ll call on Skype or Zoom so that we see and hear each other constantly and we both write simultaneously on BitPaper (free to the student, easy to use and online).


I can drop in resources such as past questions, explanations, diagrams, animations etc. so that we'll share them to build understanding.  You'll have access to our BitPaper notes at any time, so you can always refer back outside of tutorial time.  Writing with a mouse or touch pad can be awkward so if you're in the UK I’ll provide you with a (free) drawing tablet which is fun and easy to use. 


We'll set it all up together then, with these simple tools, we can get quickly stuck into quality, interactive tutorials without any of the hassle.  Another huge advantage is that, if you’re struggling with the work set, then I’m happy to jump online and spend a quick five minutes pointing you in the right direction as I don’t you wasting time getting frustrated between tutorials! 


Payment is simple too, usually through a BACS bank transfer or PayPal transfer.  International transfers are just as easy and I'm also happy to accept PayPal payments.

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