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The old saying goes that you learn from your mistakes.  But I didn't learn to drive by crashing cars.  Whilst I got to know the clutch and maneuvering, a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor corrected me with instant feedback, so that I developed the skills to do things the right way, rather than merely repeating my mistakes.  And the better I became, the more I enjoyed it.


I can steer you through your physics course, making sure that you progress with the understanding you need.  You'll grasp the concepts, enjoy the progress and reach your very best in exams. 


Online tutoring provides a powerful learning experience as I have access to all the resources that I need to share (diagrams, past questions etc.) and I always provide follow up consolidation work.  During the tutorial we'll pack in explanations and examples so that you grasp the concepts firmly and then move on to expressing the new learning effectively in past exam questions with guided support.  I'm happy to steer us through the learning needed for your course, or for you to identify the areas you'd like to focus on then I can take a lead.  Perhaps it works well to keep pace with the learning at school or maybe there are areas which you haven't grasped well that need reviewing.  Together we'll rapidly work through the material to identify the parts which need work then we'll focus on these to ensure that they are mastered.  You'll gain a thorough understanding, and cover lots of practice questions to ensure that you are ready to achieve your very best when it comes to exams day.

In order to improve your exam performance I work through the aspects of the course material with which you are struggling, as well as focusing on exam technique in a way that builds confidence as ability grows.  There isn't a wasted moment in my tutorials, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun and inspirational.  Getting you engaged in the tutorial ensures that you will be challenged at the right level, you'll enjoy the learning and you'll achieve the success that your hard work deserves.

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