It is said that Physics is one of the most difficult subjects to study at A level, but through weekly online tuition with Steve, Physics became the subject I felt most confident and prepared for. Tutors like Steve are extremely difficult to come across and I am so grateful to have found someone who can support me through the Physics A level, and would highly recommend him to anyone who may be looking for support studying Physics. With his kind, friendly and helpful nature, I am sure anyone would benefit from tuition with Steve.


Steve was absolutely fantastic as tutor. Over the course of year 13 Steve transformed my physics from a D prediction to me gaining an A in my final A-Level exam! Steve has a friendly approach to tuition and his enthusiasm for physics is infectious. Steve not only dramatically improved my knowledge and understanding for physics but also my confidence in my own ability to be able to recognise and successfully answer all types of questions. I cannot recommend Steve enough as a tutor! It's fair to say that my physics teacher was completely surprised when I got an A, haha!  Thank you Steve.

Dear Steve, I achieved 92%, A* in my A level Physics.  Thank you so much for your patience and expertise throughout 2020.  Best regards, - ELIJAH (studied in New Zealand, so one of the few to take exams in 2020)

He did particularly well in igcse physics and got a grade 9!!! Thank you so much for all your help and support. It is very much appreciated.- SHIV, PARENT

Steve is a really very experienced teacher of physics.  My son has just started lessons with him.  I have 7 children, my son the youngest and they have all gone into science careers.  It is clear to me that Steve has really good teaching expertise.  We are definitely continuing our lessons" - YEAR 12 STUDENT'S PARENT


Hi Steve.  Thanks for emailing - Anya had a fantastic tutorial yesterday and is buzzing!  Thanks!  She's looking forward to seeing you again next week. - ANYA, PARENT

Steve is an exceptional tutor, who not only recovered my confidence in studying Physics, but made every lesson exciting and enjoyable. His passion for physics shined through in every lesson, and he has a way of explaining the most difficult concepts in the A level syllabus in the most memorable and easy to understand manner. The massive step up from GCSE physics to A level Physics was something I was not quite anticipating. However, through weekly lessons with Steve and continued support throughout the week from him sending addition exam style questions and resources to practice with, I managed to boost my grade from a B to an A* in my year 12 exams. - MAIA, STUDENT

Steve is really friendly and immediately put my daughter at ease.  My daughter really enjoyed the lessons and improved within a few weeks and got an A in her A level exam. - KELSEY, PARENT

I got into Med School!  Thanks so much for all your support. - AAEESHA, STUDENT



Steve has been an amazing tutor for me during my A levels. He helped me in areas of physics I never thought I would understand even with my learning difficulties alongside. Steve made learning physics fun and interesting and has a way of teaching which helps you remember things that you have learned. I would totally recommend. Thank you! - AIDEN, STUDENT

Good morning Steve.  I meant to message you after the session to say thankyou to you.  I can honestly say even after just one session you have rebuilt Dominic's confidence.  He knows he's found someone who can really motivate and help him and he absolutely loved the session.  I was so happy afterwards to see him smiling and happy again.  It's been a difficult few weeks but I can see he's bouncing back. - GCSE RETAKE STUDENT'S PARENT


Hi Steve. Thought I`d let you know I got a B in my Physics which I`m so happy about (considering my "ambitious target" was a C/D) and got into the course I wanted. Thank you so much for the support, it really helped me out.- HAASIN, STUDENT

Steve is an excellent physics teacher. He has loads of interesting resources and amazing teaching skills, which helped me become more confident in Physics and go from a grade D to B at my last mock exam. I can`t thank him enough for all his help and support. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help with Physics. - SOPHIA, STUDENT

Adam got a 9 in Physics IGCSE.  We are so glad and appreciate all your kind support all of the time.  We have confidence in his physics to continue to A level with your efforts. - YEAR 11 STUDENT'S PARENT



A grade A in physics. I got in to my first choice university so I`m happy! - LOTTIE, STUDENT

Thank you for all your help Steve.  It's been a great ride and you helped me find my passion in physics - ALFIE A* STUDENT



She got an A in physics - we`re all in shock! Thanks so much for all your help tutoring, we`re convinced it made all the difference.- STUDENT'S PARENT

Massive thank you for all the help you’ve given me. I got sooo much better at physics and the better I got the more I enjoyed it! - TOM, STUDENT

I got a D so thanks for all the help because if it weren’t for you I deffo would have failed and I got into my uni so I’m on my way!!!  Thanks again - DANIEL, STUDENT

Thank you very much for all of your time and support...I got a C in physics :). It was a pleasure to work with you and can`t thank you enough - ASAD (STUDENT), RETOOK PHYSICS A LEVEL HAVING FIRST RECEIVED A U GRADE. THE C GRADE SECURED HIM A HIGHER LEVEL APPRENTICESHIP WITH ROLLS ROYCE

Steve was my physics teacher back in secondary school and after every lesson I came away knowing and understanding more. He has a wealth of knowledge and his teaching is far from boring - playing a massive part in inspiring me to become an engineer today! - MATT, FORMER STUDENT

Steve did a wonderful job helping my daughter. He re-built her confidence in the subject. She even started enjoying it! - NICK, PARENT


Everything went great. I got an 8 in physics. Thank you for all the help”  - FATIMA, STUDENT

Hi Steve, it’s Lucy.  I thought I’d update you on my situation I GOT AN A IN PHYSICS!!!! And will be attending Loughborough university at the end of September.  Thank you for all the hard work you put in over the course! - LUCY, STUDENT


Thank you for all the help and support you have given me in Physics.  I appreciate it so much! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! - AAYRA, STUDENT

A lovely man with a very kind and caring nature , great teacher , if any one needs help with Physics he would be fun to learn with - KIM, STUDENT

Steve Newcombe started tutoring my son T around 6 months prior to his A level exams. At that time T was struggling; his morale and expectations were commensurately (and realistically) rather low. Over this period however Steve took T thoroughly and methodically through the entire A level Physics syllabus to the point where, come the exams, T found himself confidently equal to what was required of him to achieve a grade which 6 months earlier would have been beyond him.


Steve proved himself an inspiring and motivational tutor: unfailingly punctual, highly-organised, well-prepared, and extraordinarily generous with his time. His insistence on hard work and on completing set work on time quickly established the point that there is no short cut to a good grade in A level Physics. Consequently, and as he developed and improved T's grasp of the subject, Steve instilled in him a real understanding of the need for, and value of, focus, application, and discipline, thereby transforming his academic prospects and building up his general self-belief. T had always found Physics hard going but as Steve's regime started to pay off he began for the first time to enjoy getting to grips with, and on top of, the requirements and challenges of the syllabus.

T is not readily impressed by teachers, but he quickly developed real respect and affection for Steve. This close relationship was in my view the primary reason for the marked enhancement of T's academic skills and the equally noticeable improvement in his general self- confidence which emerged from what Steve rightly described as an adventure. With luck, and continuing hard work, T should go on to achieve solid academic success at university, to which Steve will have made the pivotal contribution. - KB OBE JP, PARENT AND JUSTICE OF THE PEACE MAGISTRATE