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Everybody knows that you have to work hard to succeed.  But working hard without understanding is desperately frustrating and time wasting.  Through my tutoring you'll gain a clear understanding of the subject material and then begin to enjoy building further understanding and with it, confidence.  I always set 'homework' tasks to consolidate the learning and it’s great to see students come back to the next tutorial, able to confidently answer questions that had previously confused them and enthusiastically expressing their understanding.  When students can see their hard work paying off (because they actually understand properly) then the motivation to put in the practice flows.

Tutoring online provides a thoroughly engaging tutorial and together we'll generate a set of shared notes that the you can refer to at any time.  The online tutorials always start bang on time as there is no travelling for either the student or myself.  If you find yourself struggling with the consolidation work between tutorials then just get in touch and we'll iron out any difficulty quickly.  It's great the way a quick 5 minute call can get the student back on the right lines and save wasting time and getting frustrated.

Often my students have been recommended by their friends who I've tutored.  Sometimes students are reaching for top grades so look for support to reach this goal.  Other times, students have found me when their results were in need of rescuing and together we’ve worked hard, gained understanding and reclaimed confidence.  This has led to great progress with positive experience in tackling exam questions and has ultimately resulted in consistently strong results.  You can find out more from the students themselves in the testimonials section.  I always find myself eagerly looking forward to results day and I hope that you will be too.

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